Social media decline in youth

I have never been a huge fan of broadcasting my private life on social media, and sometimes seeing the way people do so can be quite depressing. In some ways, I was concerned as to where the next generation would end up, constantly living in the public sphere like this.

But I am glad to be reading that the youth of today have greatly opted out of using social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and so on.

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My Youth Programs & Ideas (Engaging Youth in Libraries Part 2)

One of my favourite things about working in a high school library is using my creativity to engage the students to come in and enjoy our collections and events. I want them to view the library as a safe haven, and a fun place to spend their time. I want them to know they can come to the library whenever they want to relax, read, play, or need help with school stuff. This post will discuss the programs I have run, and some ideas I have for the future to continue to engage youth in the library.

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