Marketing the Library

hand-895588_1920As part of my Masters course, I have just completed a unit on Marketing for Libraries. It was interesting to see how marketing concepts from for-profit businesses could be augmented to serve the purposes of the services industry.

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Merry Christmas – the perfect gift

Happy holidays readers!

Had trouble with gifts this year? Well search no further!

Ladybird Books have released hilarious spoof guides ‘for adults dealing with modern problems’. The Guardian has a great article on them here.

Using the same old-style Ladybird artwork from their original guides for children, the writers have added some clever (and very funny) captions for the modern adult.


With eight books in the series released this year, including such wonderful titles as ‘The Ladybird Book of Dating’, ‘The Hangover’ and ‘The Mid-life Crisis’, there’s a guide for each of your friends and family.

I sure know I’d love to get one!

See you next year folks,

Michelle De Aizpurua

eBook Collections in Libraries

The RIPS Law Librarian Blog posted about the ‘Issue’s surrounding eBook collections in law libraries‘ in September 2015.

With the rise of all-digital ‘bookless’ libraries and constant revelations about eBooks, it’s a topic of interest to me, especially as their post referred specifically to the law library context (in which I am currently employed).

At first it seemed everyone was saying the eBook would mean the death of the printed book, and eventually become the primary mode for reading. (See news articles from 2010 – ‘The future of books is a real page-turner‘ and 2013 – ‘Popularity of ebooks spells the demise of printed versions‘). There was almost a mass hysteria predicting these doomsday scenarios for the poor printed book.

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The Power of Choice by Cynthia Lord

I remember that magical feeling of choosing books from the scholastic catalogue in primary school! Cynthia makes a great point in her article about reading choice, beautifully illustrated by her story about Crystal. I still love the smell of books too. Whatever it is that inspires a child to choose a book, it’s wonderful to see that spark of excitement. I will have to try using the ‘good choice’ mantra at my school.

Nerdy Book Club

When I was a child, my mother gave me two of the greatest gifts a reader can receive: access to books and choice.

Though not a reader herself, my mother always let me buy three books from the Scholastic Book Club flyers when my teacher sent them home. I would pour over those whispery pages, agonizing how to whittle my choices down to three.

My mother never put any restriction or judgement on the books I picked, so I was free to try new things, to take risks. I was also free to find comfort in something familiar. I was even free to fail, to experience making a choice that I later regretted.

I bought great literature, like The Witch of Blackbird Pond and From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler. I also bought (and still have!) The Peanuts Lunch Bag Cookbook. No one would classify…

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Professional Development, Memberships & Networking

It is really very important to keep up to date with new developments, innovations, ideas, issues and so forth in our field. You need to be a life-long learner if you are going to succeed in Libraryland 😉 Things are constantly changing; the way we utilise space, new technologies, what is expected of us, how we are viewed and how we must justify ourselves. There is a lot to learn. Not only this, it is important to network and get to know other professionals. You need to create relationships. These are especially helpful if you have a question or need some guidance, or more employment. So where to start? There are a few things you can do:

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