Finishing up for 2016!

Well the year surely has flown by as usual! And what a year it has been – I’ve presented at my first conference, gained another wonderful mentor, grown more confident in my skills and developed a huge amount of knowledge. Though I must say I am looking forward to a well deserved break! 🙂

I will be completing my Masters part-time while I work in 2017, so I’m sure there will be many new ideas from my learning to post about (though with these extra time commitments my posting may become less frequent). I’m excited to finish the last 4 subjects and learn more about html coding, project management, marketing and more! It’s a great way to continue my professional development as well as add to my qualifications. What new year resolutions have you made?



Wishing all my readers a very happy holiday and a great New Year.

Signing off,

Michelle De Aizpurua


My Youth Programs & Ideas (Engaging Youth in Libraries Part 2)

One of my favourite things about working in a high school library is using my creativity to engage the students to come in and enjoy our collections and events. I want them to view the library as a safe haven, and a fun place to spend their time. I want them to know they can come to the library whenever they want to relax, read, play, or need help with school stuff. This post will discuss the programs I have run, and some ideas I have for the future to continue to engage youth in the library.

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The Beginning

Hi Everyone!

I am Michelle De Aizpurua, and I am a new librarian. I’ve been working in High School Libraries for a year now.

Have a look at my ‘about’ page to get a bit of an idea about who I am personally 🙂

Qualifications wise – I have a double degree in Law and Behavioral Science (La Trobe University), as well as graduating in 2014 from post-graduate qualifications in Information and Knowledge Management (Librarianship) from Monash University.

Having recently started my career, and learning so much in such a short time, I know making this blog can achieve many things. Not only can I collate all my thoughts and lessons learnt, but hopefully I can also help anyone thinking about getting into the field, or just starting out. I want to share my knowledge and experiences (and questions!) with you all, including those who are more experienced in the field. I hope those more seasoned librarians will enjoy reading about a new librarian’s journey, and contribute some of their lessons learnt too.
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