Technology in Teaching

I read an interesting article recently about using technology to enhance learning: Putting Learning First With New Tech Tools (in Edutopia).

Too often, I have been told to add a video to my content, simply because it is showing that we’re using technology. People want to look like they’re keeping up with advancements with technology, so throwing in a few videos gives that appearance.

But many times, the videos are too long, or don’t really add anything to the content. The learning in that instance isn’t really enhanced by having a video. Using technology in your teaching isn’t as simple as throwing in a video. It has to be carefully sculpted and considered, and used to support and enhance what you are already doing. It is ideally interactive and thought-provoking, helping students to make connections between concepts and solidify their understanding. It must ADD VALUE.

So here are a few of my favourite technologies that I have utilised. These technologies help me to turn something I’m telling students about, into something the students can do, try or think about more deeply.

  • Kahoot! – This free website creates fun multi-choice quizzes with music and colours. It’s really engaging, and lots of students are familiar with it. The room usually gets a buzz of excitement with students trying to be on top of the leaderboard. And the short time limits make it extra competitive. 
  • H5P – this free platform is amazing. There are so many templates you can use to create all sorts of interactive activities. Mostly just using click and drag skills (no coding!) you can create really creative content and embed anywhere!
  • Twine –  I’m new to this, but love it for gamification. It allows for branching logic i.e. if you chose A you go to X, but if you choose B you go to Z. Choice can make learning really engaging or students.
  • Piktochart – so easy to create fun graphics. Why have boring text when you can visualise the information? Posters, flow charts, instructions, anything!
  • Canva – another design platform but slightly different. Better for starting from scratch rather than using a template.
  • Powtoon – I love making animated videos instead of having my face everywhere. It’s so easy to use and has lots of great templates. Way less boring than powerpoint slides.

There are SO MANY MORE as well. I’m really keen to find out what technologies you love, so please share if you have something to add.


2 thoughts on “Technology in Teaching

  1. you call yourself “miss library girl” but you sound more like a teacher.

    please dont get me wrong, modern libraries have to be as much about assisting with modern information access and teaching information as ever. but it makes me think about how i often say teachers should work more closely with coders to develop tools that are good for teaching (teacher input to such tools is quite valuable, and too rare) and it didnt occur to me before to include librarians.

    do you think an increasing number of librarians consider themselves educators? they spend enough time training patrons at that library– no joke.


  2. Hi Codeinfig, sorry for my delayed reply. Yes, I would say the majority of Librarians consider themselves educators. Many of us work within academic institutions, but even within other types of libraries, our main role is to educate (as you say). We educate on how to research – how to locate, evaluate, use and share information. How to apply knowledge. How to find knowledge. And yes, I think it is invaluable for teaching staff to collaborate with Librarians whenever they have the opportunity, and for Librarians to collaborate with IT and people with different skills to our own. There has been quite a lot of crossover in these fields in recent years, with many data librarians, digital librarians and so on. We have so much we can all learn from each other!


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