Lego and coding

I have to say – I love Lego. When I was a kid and now as an adult, it really is the best. Fun, creative and practical, I could/can spend hours constructing new creations, or following plans to make a model. Even the Lego movie was amazing!

And I have just seen some of their new products, bringing together traditional Lego with high-tech robotics!! So. Cool.

And of course, these would be great for Maker spaces.

Lego Mindstorms aimed at young adults can be seen here, including a video demo.

Lego Boost, aimed at kids (7+), comes with a companion app to teach coding. Check it out here.

Even as an adult, these funky little robots look like so much fun to build and play with! I hope I can find an excuse to give these a go soon 🙂



2 thoughts on “Lego and coding

  1. perfect. also aimed at the age where i learned coding.

    i was a huge lego fan (and collector) as a child. my main hobbies were– legos and computers. as an educational language designer, i like the look of their coding interface. if it were up to me, id also make it possible to code– same program– with text instead of icons. oh, icons are the best default mode, (for this) for certain.

    the fact that “farts are a feature” really makes me happy. why? one of the first things apple did when they decided “we are going to have an app store, and also dictate what kind of apps people can offer” is they decided: “no fart apps.” why? just because they can.

    nicely done, lego. nicely done.


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