Anne Frank’s Diary and Copyright

Back in January, Anne Frank’s diary was put online, available for free. The copyright owners were considering legal action, and a mess ensued. Differences between national copyright laws in the EU further muddied the waters. Depending on which law is applied, the protection period of the work differs. There has been great disagreement over the date in which the work enters the public domain.

The problems centre around who the author of the diary is, and when it was actually published. Whilst clearly written by Anne Frank, her father compiled and edited the texts. Did these changes result in a new work?

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ALLA Conference 2016

The biennial Australian Law Librarians Association (ALLA) Conference ran over 3 days in late August, in my hometown of Melbourne.

It was exciting to be able to attend my first multiple day conference as a Law Librarian, and be able to get involved as well.

I ran a workshop on ‘Using Infographics for Engaging Visual Communication’ over 2 hours with about 13 participants. It was a great success (despite some technical difficulties) and I received a lot of positive feedback from the attendees. Many planned to use the two programs we worked with (Piktochart and Canva) for their upcoming projects.

The next day, my colleagues and I presented our conference poster on ‘Building statutory research skills for students’ which also gathered a positive response from the crowd. It was enjoyable to discuss all our hard work, successes and challenges with other professionals in the same field.

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