Robots and the Library

Drones are amazing and have been tested in delivering fast foods and parcels. Google’s Project Wing (a drone delivery service) set to launch in 2017, and Amazon’s comparative service, seem to be effective and fast. Even Domino’s pizza has released an autonomous pizza delivery ground robot [and in Asia ‘Pepper’ the Pizza Hut robot for greeting and engaging customers].

But could this technology be used by libraries of the future?

Imagine home delivery services not needing to rely on kindly volunteers to drive books to people’s houses. Document delivery and inter-library loans could be sent off on a drone or robot instead of waiting to be packed, driven and unpacked again. Perhaps I could order my book online from my local library and pay for delivery, as parking can be a nightmare! Oh the possibilities. I love the idea of looking out my window and seeing a flying book coming towards me. Or greeting a friendly robot deliverer at my door. I could even send books to friends as a surprise, and I can imagine the delight of children when they see a small helicopter coming with a book for them.

In another year or two, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a system in place for this type of book delivery. And I am looking forward to it 🙂

On another line of thinking – these clever people have made a robot that means we no longer have to do stock-take! It can scan shelves while the library is closed and look for all the missing or misplaced books. This honestly would save so many tedious hours of scanning each book individually, I hope it gets to more libraries soon.

Have you seen any other new robots that could be used in libraries? Of course, no robot could ever replace the Librarian!


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