Social media decline in youth

I have never been a huge fan of broadcasting my private life on social media, and sometimes seeing the way people do so can be quite depressing. In some ways, I was concerned as to where the next generation would end up, constantly living in the public sphere like this.

But I am glad to be reading that the youth of today have greatly opted out of using social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and so on.

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Robots and the Library

Drones are amazing and have been tested in delivering fast foods and parcels. Google’s Project Wing (a drone delivery service) set to launch in 2017, and Amazon’s comparative service, seem to be effective and fast. Even Domino’s pizza has released an autonomous pizza delivery ground robot [and in Asia ‘Pepper’ the Pizza Hut robot for greeting and engaging customers].

But could this technology be used by libraries of the future?

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