Alternative books

Print books may not be dying, but that doesn’t mean publishers and authors aren’t still innovating alternatives to regular lengthy print books.

People who may not be avid readers want something new, fast and easily accessible.

So what are some of these new options?

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The end of free MOOCs?

Have you ever tried a MOOC?  I have tried out about three, all on quite interesting topics. I really enjoyed the fact that it was free and I had access to the content even after the course ended, as to be honest I struggled to keep up with the pace of the lessons on top of all my other commitments. Each MOOC was relatively face-paced, requiring a high level of engagement every week for up to 6 weeks. There were a multitude of videos, readings, activities and interactions required in each weeks lesson plan, and by the middle of the MOOCs I had just about run out of the effort needed. I found a lot of repetition and lacked the time to sift through the information – did the video make the same points as these pages of writing underneath? A lot of the time it did. Some MOOCs have been better than others, and it really comes down to the amount of spare time you have, and your level of interest in the topic. You only get out as much as you can put in.

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