Minecraft: Education edition

In case you’ve been living under a very square pixelated rock, Minecraft is a super popular game amongst the young ones.

Many libraries have utilised this game in their makerspaces, and now the company has announced the Minecraft Education edition.

The game that promotes creativity, collaboration and problem-solving is pretty awesome, and I am a keen supporter of gamification in schools and libraries, so I am very excited to see this expanded version.

The classroom version will include a camera that allows students to create portfolios, chalkboards for instructions, starer worlds, and in-game characters who exist only to help players out. They’ll also offer teachers lessons in how to get the most out of Minecraft’s teaching opportunities. [states Vocativ]

I wish I was still a student so I could learn by play using Minecraft, instead of the big heavy old textbooks I had!!

If you would like to know more about gamification in libraries and education, a division of the American Library Association has a nice summary article to read.

More specifically, the American Association of Law Libraries has published an article about the rewards and risks of gamification.


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