Some library humour

One of my hobbies outside of the library world is to create art. I dabble in painting and all sorts of crafts, but by far one of my favourite things to do is draw comics and cartoons, especially ones involving word play. At one of the high schools I worked at, I was able to run a lunchtime library workshop with students on creating comics which was lots of fun.

So, since this cartoon intersects with my library world, I thought I would also share it here too 🙂

You can check out all my artwork on my other wordpress blog MissyCartoons.


© Michelle De Aizpurua and MissyCartoons 2016


7 thoughts on “Some library humour

    • ah what great memories! I’m lucky we still have a microfiche and microfilm reader where I work, though I’ve never needed to use them much myself – I should have a play! 🙂


      • You definitely should. I actually called up a librarian friend to reminisce about this stuff together. It would be a gas to find old filmstrips and watch them to see what was “news” back then.

        Incidentally, I grew up in Ames, IA, where the computer was invented at Iowa State University (College) by Atanasoff. We had “state of the art” stuff in our classrooms in the late 70s and early 80s but it’s amusing to think about how basic it was compared to what we are using now. I shudder to think what we will be using in another 30 years.


      • I agree, I bet you could still find a library somewhere that has preserved some of these resources 🙂
        Unfortunately I am in Australia or you could come use the one at the university I work at! I only started high school in the year 2000 so I’ve missed out on those ‘state of the art’ computers haha, but I do remember before the internet and I too am amazed/apprehensive at where we may be in the coming years!


      • What a coincidence, some Aussie friends of mine are visiting the States right now on a skiing trip! I always ask her how the hell she and her husband survive that godawful plane ride from the other side of the world. She confessed to pharmaceutical help. I told her they’d need to give me a general anesthetic to get me to fly coach for 22 hours. One screaming baby and I won’t be held responsible for my insane actions.


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