A new role in the new year

Hello wonderful readers,

With the beginning of 2016, I am pleased to announce that I am now officially a content officer for the International Librarians Network.

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 12.39.00 pm.png

I have been a part of this group since 2014, taking part in their peer mentoring program and generally encouraging fellow librarians to get involved. (It really is a great initiative!)

So now, I am lucky enough to be able to write for their website and become more involved in the discussion topics throughout the year. Do join up and keep an eye out for my posts! You can see ‘The year in my library‘ and ‘Starting work as a graduate when you have limited work experience‘ which are up now, with many more to come.

This does however mean that my writings in this blog may become less frequent, and I thank you for your understanding and for your interest generally.

And so, in the particularly relevant words of Charles Montgomery “Monty” Burns;

In closing, gentle reader, I’d like to thank you. `What’s that?’ you say? Me thanking you? No, it’s not a misprint, for you see, I enjoyed writing this [blog] as much as you enjoyed reading it.

šŸ˜‰ Until next time.


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