The Power of Communication

I have watched many TED talks. This one, is beyond words. It is the most powerful and unbelievable talk I have ever listened to. I can’t even begin to explain how it made me feel, so please take 15 minutes and watch it.

It is titled ‘Martin Pistorius: How my mind came back to life — and no one knew‘.

The premise:

“Imagine being unable to say, “I am hungry,” “I am in pain,” “thank you,” or “I love you,” — losing your ability to communicate, being trapped inside your body, surrounded by people yet utterly alone. For 13 long years, that was Martin Pistorius’s reality. After contracting a brain infection at the age of twelve, Pistorius lost his ability to control his movements and to speak, and eventually he failed every test for mental awareness. He had become a ghost. But then a strange thing started to happen — his mind began to knit itself back together. In this moving talk, Pistorius tells how he freed himself from a life locked inside his own body.”

I think this would be my worst fear, to be totally aware yet unable to express anything or have any control of your life. The experiences this man has been through are unimaginable. He is truly inspirational.

In addition to his story, he makes an enlightening point:

We are told that actions speak louder than words. But I wonder, do they? Our words, however we communicate them, are just as powerful. Whether we speak the words with our own voices, type them with our eyes, or communicate them non-verbally to someone who speaks them for us, words are among our most powerful tools.”

His ability to communicate effectively changed his life, and his thoughts on true communication really made me think. I have always taken the ability to communicate for granted, as a simple fact of life… To think how challenging everything would be when you can no longer easily communicate is quite humbling.

“I discovered that true communication is about more than merely physically conveying a message. It is about getting the message heard and respected….Communication is what makes us human, enabling us to connect on the deepest level with those around us — telling our own stories, expressing wants, needs and desires, or hearing those of others by really listening. All this is how the world knows who we are. So who are we without it? True communication increases understanding and creates a more caring and compassionate world.”

Thanks for reading (and watching),

Michelle De Aizpurua


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