GLAMR New Professionals Meetup

Last week I attended a GLAMR New Professionals meetup at ‘Fall from Grace’ in Melbourne CBD.

You can visit the GLAMR New Professionals Twitter and Facebook page to see some great photos of the night, and join the group!

The meetup was another fantastic opportunity to meet like minded individuals from all across the GLAMR sector. I especially enjoyed the opportunity to chat to some ladies who work in a variety of Museum and Gallery areas. Their work sounds so interesting I wish I had more time to pick their brains! One woman I spoke to was working for Museums Australia with developing their standards for accreditation, and another worked for the Shrine of Remembrance with their exhibitions. I was enthralled, I really know so little about theses areas and it was a great opportunity to chat.

There was of course some familiar faces and it was fun to catchup and hear how everyone was progressing with their studies and careers. I heard about new projects and am hopefully going to attend the next meeting for one of the ASA and ALIA’s collaborative projects coming up soon! So many wonderful opportunities arise when you put yourself out there to network.

It really is fun as well, everyone is so open and willing to make conversation. There’s rarely a dull moment as there are so many similar interests and experiences to share. I spoke with some archivists and librarians about the difficulties in gaining volunteer work, the changes in technology and how they have affected our work (one young man had found a laser disc at work recently! It’s like a GIANT CD haha), as well as our different specialisations. I met a lovely lady called Clare who recognised me from my short ad hoc presentation at the Library at the Dock Unconference (see my early post on that) which was awesome, and we talked about the differences in working across school libraries, public libraries and universities.

The only disappointment of the evening was having to leave! Oh well actually, and the fact that the secret door was broken! You see, the bar was originally located within ‘State of Grace’ and hidden behind a bookcase. When you pulled down the red book, it opened revealing a staircase down to the funky little bar. But it was broken! 😦 Which means I will have to return when it’s fixed to enjoy the novelty. The venue was a little noisy which made chatting hard, but it was such a cool place – with all sorts of memorabilia and ephemera on the walls, huge chandeliers and a really old school vibe; leather couches and lots of fake bookcases! Like a giant cigar room, I really liked it! Although my voice did suffer a bit, it was obviously a popular place. I wonder if on a sunday afternoon it would be more relaxed, quite and less full…

In any case, I had a fabulous time and am thoroughly looking forward to continuing some of the wonderful conversations I started at the next event! Thank you GLAMR organisers for putting it all together – especially the little badges, totally love it!

So here’s a few average phone photos of the night, the GLAMR pages have some better ones (so I might steal one and put it here as well 😉 )

Thanks for reading,

Michelle (aka Missy) De Aizpurua

Funky fake bookcases
The stairs that would have been hidden by the bookcase!
awesome badges!
Some cool literary quotes
so much random stuff everywhere!
Photo from GLAMR New Professionals
Photo from GLAMR New Professionals

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