The ‘snark’ punctuation

Well how about this – punctuation to denote sarcasm called the snark! What an interesting idea.

[I]t’s one of the coolest, most utilitarian, but least-used punctuation marks around…

The easy-to-write—and type—symbol is simply a period followed by a tilde [.~]. It was created around 2007 by American typographer Choz Cunningham as an end-of-sentence mark that could denote verbal irony in writing. Its intended use is to help readers understand when the meaning of a sentence is actually very different to what the sum of its words seem to mean.

Authors wouldn’t have to write ‘(S)he said sarcastically’ every time, and instead allow for more flow and intuitive recognition of the style of speech. I think we need to spread the use of the snark! Or rather; “this is totally a terrible idea.~” 😛

Read more in the article below 😀



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