Language Fun

I love to learn new things about linguistics, language can be such fun!

Today I learnt that some dictionaries have recently added the ‘informal, non-literal version of literally’ – where individuals use it as a statement for something that is only figurative. i.e. “It literally blew my head off”.

Read a short article about it here.

It turns out this is called an ‘auto antonym’ – and there are a lot more of them! How interesting.

There is a bit of list on Wiktionary which is lots of fun to read and gasp at. I also noticed one myself while working recently – ‘apparent’. This can mean clear as in ‘for no apparent reason’ or unclear, as in ‘his apparent lack of concern’. It really is a wonder we manage to understand each other sometimes 😉

That’s my musing for the day, please do comment with any linguistic fun facts you know of.

Happy reading!

Michelle De Aizpurua


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