The Beginning

Hi Everyone!

I am Michelle De Aizpurua, and I am a new librarian. I’ve been working in High School Libraries for a year now.

Have a look at my ‘about’ page to get a bit of an idea about who I am personally 🙂

Qualifications wise – I have a double degree in Law and Behavioral Science (La Trobe University), as well as graduating in 2014 from post-graduate qualifications in Information and Knowledge Management (Librarianship) from Monash University.

Having recently started my career, and learning so much in such a short time, I know making this blog can achieve many things. Not only can I collate all my thoughts and lessons learnt, but hopefully I can also help anyone thinking about getting into the field, or just starting out. I want to share my knowledge and experiences (and questions!) with you all, including those who are more experienced in the field. I hope those more seasoned librarians will enjoy reading about a new librarian’s journey, and contribute some of their lessons learnt too.

Many people say to me – “oh I’d love to be a librarian!” Great – I’m here to tell you how. It may not be as easy as you think but it’s definitely worth it. If its the right job for you, it’s the most rewarding and enjoyable thing you can do – and you’ll get paid for it too!

Being a young person getting into this field is exciting and different. Many librarians I meet are over the age of 50 (sorry ladies! and the occasional library man!) and have had quite different experiences in their careers. I seem to be facing some different challenges as a young librarian in these modern times, as well as some issues that seem to never change! Through this blog we can discuss them all.

This is a hectic and interesting time to be getting into libraries – many things are evolving and changing. The future is unclear but there are many new ideas and new technologies for us to experiment with. It is our time to bring libraries into the new age, and thankfully a lot of the experienced librarians are passionate and open minded to help make this happen too!

So come along and read with me. I also plan to write about conferences and workshops I attend, different types of Library experiences, ideas and tips, and who knows what else! Maybe even some books 😉

Michelle DeAizpurua


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